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Yo gang… i know I owe all you derelicts some info on the latest tasteless offerings… including the joint from me and Espo. Well… Those details are still in sample phases. BUT… between my corporate labor and marketing projects… I have managed to get something done that I want to tell you about. So… from one derelict to all of you derelicts… here is something I am proud to announce… for those that might notice this post..
About 6 months ago I came up with a concept to redesign my boys store in Philly called AFFICIAL. I busted my ass to make the interior and exterior designs relevant to what they are all about. Not to make it just another stale “well designed” boutique… but to make the design mean something to the area and the history of the people involved.. including myself. That being said… we have begun the demolition… started the build… and its coming together just as planned. Those cats down in Philly are puttin in the serious work… and I been bouncing back and forth from NYC to Philly to make sure its right.
The store reopens roughly on May 1st. Opening event will be that following Sat. And to make it unified… I have designed a little something to go with my design of the entire store…. A Limited crew neck sweat shirt and a t-shirt… and for the few lucky ones… an ultra limited bath robe for you players and payers out there. All for release at the event. Keep an eye online for more details some damn place.
As for MY new project… I tell you more when the samples shape up. Sorry gang…. but here is a hint… in true ON THE GO form… and like most my teams past projects… I have created something to insult specialty groups and soccer moms. Lets not leave out the non-thinkers… they seldom can read between the lines so they get insulted super fast. They need direct messaging in their products to see the truth. The samples are being made… the materials I want are tough to use… so it takes time… plus them muthafuckers got me in a long ass line! Any longer and these fools are gonna have me homeless again!!! DAMN!


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