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First Entry on the New Blog!!! A big thank you goes out to everyone that is here to share this with me!

Welcome to “Kix and the City” a blog dedicated to Sneaker Culture
in/and the City of New York.  I decided to create this blog a
couple of days ago after I realized that my travels within New York’s
sneaker culture might actually be interesting to other people around
the city and the world. 

You may ask yourself, “Damn the name of this blog is strikingly similar
to the name of a popular TV show”, to which I would answer “Why are you
watching that garbage….?” Well it is supposed to be, I decided to
name the site Kix and the City because, like the show, I plan to offer
an initimate, and hopefully interesting, view of a specific culture in
NYC.  Along with my commentary on sneaker business, sneaker
marketing (I might as well use the degree my parents paid for) and my wry humor, I plan to highlight the people, the shops, the sneakers and
the city that combine to create this powerful culture. I plan to offer
interviews, shop highlights (I may blow up a “secret spot” or two
(EDIT: Steinway St., Fulton St., Fordham Rd., Roosevelt Ave, Jamaica
Ave, etc. are not a secret to anyone in NYC, please don’t front)) event
coverage, and of course my own sneaker hunts. Unlike the show to which
the name of this site is derived, this site will not suck. 

You may also say “Damn isn’t this guy being anthropocentric by only
focusing on NYC?” To which I will answer “Damn my readers have an ill
vocab!” Well, yes and no.  New York is a big sneaker town with a
very powerful culture, and, I really don’t get out of NYC all that
much….(maybe because I spend to much money on sneakers? Nah…)

Unlike other sneaker/fashion sites (no disrespect), I do not plan to
highlight the products merely as products that you should run out and
spend all of your Mr. Softy money on.  I plan to focus more on the
people within NYC’s sneaker culture, because at the end of the day, the
people define the culture.  Of course though, I will keep everyone
informed of local sneaker releases and where/when you can scoop some
Icey Jays, crispy Uptowns, and Fire SB’s, etc. 

I hope you all will enjoy what I have planned.  At the very least,
I just dropped about $70 on a new way to keep myself entertained…

Oh and its Super Bowl Sunday.  My pick?  Pittsburgh.

Thanks for tuning in.

PS: I know the site isnt much to look at now, but Rome wasnt built in a
day. Give me time.  Feel free to email me at  Unless it is hate mail, which in that
case, you could just email yourself.



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