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From the top of the Bronx, down through Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and out to Queens, the entire city was completely drenched in Clot x Nike Air Max 1 and Invisible Woman Air Force 1 hysteria. Not even the heavens above could prevent the madness.
As reported earlier, the events that would transpire throughout the day Saturday, were set into motion early Friday. As the rain continued to pound New York City, so did the feet of the sneakerhead in search of this weekend’s prize, a pair (or ten) of Nike’s Clot Air Max 1 “Kiss of Deaths” and/or a pair of Nike Air Force 1 “Invisible Womans”. From Fordham RD to Jamaica Ave. and everything in between, the scene was amazing. Kix and the City traveled to the City’s Tier 0 Accounts, NORT/Recon and ALIFE Rivington Club, to report from the only two locations in the city that dealt with the simultaneous release of two of this year’s most widely coveted pairs of kix.

Our trip began at around 8:30am with a quick train ride out to the ALIFE Rivington Club. Unexpectedly the line outside of ARC was not as large as we have grown accustomed to. Perhaps the rain DID keep some people at home on this day.


As is always the case, there were a number of people sitting, bundled up, and passed out in their lawn chairs from the long, cold, and wet night.




The campers at ARC on this day though, were not rookies. Anyone who has ever lined up for kix knows that the most vulnerable point in the line is the front of the line at store open. The only way to counteract this, is to form a virtual barracade at this point. As such….



Time passed and the line grew longer and more anxious. At around 10:45, 15 minutes to open, EarSnot came through and regulated the mess outside. Quick to oblige, the now long line, formed an orderly “single file” line outside of the door.



To keep things in order, the first sneakerhead in line was given an ALIFE business card to ensure that his place was held. At around 11am, the doors to ARC swung open and one sneakerheads overnight ordeal came to a close.



Getting your hands on the first pair of Clot x Nike Air Max 1s sold yesterday at ARC, approximately $200. Getting in a picture with EarSnot, Priceless…..


Shout out to Drucker and Earsnot for letting me do my thing.


After ARC opened their doors and began letting people in one by one, Kix and the City quickly sped up to NORT/Recon to catch the scene on Lafayette Street.


As expected the line outside of NORT/Recon was gigantic.



The small line that developed outside of NORT/Recon on Friday night had grown exponentially once the rain let up reaching a number in the hundreds.



As the clock struck 12, and the door opened, the crowd pushed up toward the front and huddled closely around the entrance becoming more and more raucous and anxious.



Quietly inside, another sneakerhead’s ordeal came to an end.



For the select few that were able to get their hands on a pair of Nike x Clot Air Max 1s and/or a pair of Air Force 1 “Invisible Womans” it seemed to be all worth it.


Sneakerheads were let into NORT/Recon five at a time and were allowed to purchase one pair of either the Clot x Nike Air Max 1s or a pair of the Air Force 1 “Invisible Womans”. As the groups of five continued to go in and the rain started to come down, the Clot Air Max 1s completely sold out, leaving a LARGE number of campers with nothing. Minutes later, the Air Force 1 “Invisible Womans” were completely sold out as well. A small part of line outside had soaked up NORT/Recon’s inventory, leaving a much larger part of the line SOAKED and angry, as the rain continued to come down in buckets. The line quickly dispersed in search of another location that just might have had what they were looking for.


Shout out to Spencer, Roscoe, and Angel at NORT/Recon for letting me come through and do my things as well.


Despite all of the madness for the Clot Air Maxs and “Invisible Womans”, there was something else that caught my eye.


ARI was in attendance, kicking knowledge outside of Recon. ARI is a wealth of knowledge and he is always down to chop it up with heads. BUT WAIT, what is that on his feet?!?





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