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The long awaited DunkxChange slammed into New York City Saturday. Full coverage, my thoughts, and of course pictures await…

Written/Produced By: Rich “MaZe” Lopez
Pix: Rich “MaZe” Lopez



Before I get into the article I would like to personally thank a few people. I would like to thank Curtis and Gary for having the foresight and courage to throw an event like this in NYC, especially being that they live in Cali. It is not easy to do ANYTHING in New York, let alone a sneaker event.


I would also like to thank those that helped to put together the Kix and the City table. A HUGE SHOUT goes out to the Sticker Man for coming through in the clutch with the KATC banner, I really appreciate it, it looked great! A big thank you goes out to T, Amit, and Catalyst for helping to represent at the Kix and the City table, I couldn’t have picked a cooler group of dudes to represent, even if Amit stayed spilling beer all over the place. T’s collection of kix had the entire spot buzzing, Catalyst’s customs practically sold out, and Amit actually sold his 2c J’s! Another thank you goes out to Fubz for providing me with ample complementary Beautiful Decay magazines for the table, those mags went like hotcakes. And last but not least, a huge thank you goes out to the SneakerPrincess for (wo)maning the table when I wasn’t around, allowing me to go around and mingle with the crowd.


And now onto the DXC.


My preparation for the DXC began months in advance with planning the after party (which out of my control did not go down), the contest, and the overall table imaging. Understanding full well how passionate and large the sneaker market in NYC is, I had a good feeling that a lot of people would support the event. I will admit though that when I found out rain was in the forecast for the day of the DXC, I became a little worried. Everyone knows that sneaker heads don’t like coming out in the rain. Rain can spell disaster for a pair of kix in a second, I was hoping it would not do the same to the event. I know I can’t stand the rain.


When I finally got to Stereo, (I say finally because I was running around the city the entire morning and of course there is this abomination called “looking for a spot in the city”, holla if you hear me on this one) I was pretty surprised to see a line forming with about a half an hour left until the DXC’s scheduled start time. On this day even the rain was not enough to keep the heads home.


As we were setting up the table, I got a chance to check out all of the heat on the tables throughout the event. The Shady/Burn it Down table was quite ridiculous and held the most heat, at least im my opinion. The table featured, Eminem IV’s, Shady Bursts, Playstation AF1’s, Marshall Faulk PE IX’s, and the Stash Blue Pack…Damn…


The next table (walking along the outer wall of Stereo) was chock full of SBs for sale, and I mean full. Tiffany’s, Supremes, Hulks (which I had my eye on but slept), Bisons, it was all there. Prices ranged from decent to mucho dinero.


The Sneaker Pimp Table was, of course, crazy (shout out to Joe). Their Fire Red V’s, Grapes, and Carmines had me drooling. Even with all of this heat at their table, it was the Sneaker Pimp T-shirts that eventually stole the show. They sold out with the quickness, leaving many a consumer, broken hearted.


The SB Wear/ table featured several SBs, clothing from the SB Wear line (I wish I had the time to pick something up) and a nice pair of Stash AF1 Highs.


The ATMOS and AS tables were fire as well. J’s, Maxes, Vintage Nike’s and Reeboks, it was all there.


The Sneak Tip table was a pleasant surprise. I was staring at a pair of their icy Blue VI’s the entire night. I later found out that their shop it located in Coney Island, which to me, is dope. I spend some time out there in BK and I will be stopping by the shop ASAP. Hopefully those VI’s are still there, although they most likely wont be since I just blew that pair of kix up…


It was a pleasure, as always, to catch up with Jason from Nostylgia. His inventory seemed to fly off of the table the entire day. His Bic dunks were a crowd favorite. Nothing like coming up on a pair of SBs early and for a decent price.


The Kix and the City table hosted a large and eclectic array of kix. T’s collection featured a fine assortment of SBs, a pair of Shady Bursts, Easter ’05 AF1s, and a sparkling pair of Flint XIII’s. Amit brought three beautiful pairs of FP Stabs, several St. Patty’s AF1s, an ICY DMP XI, and much more. Catalyst’s brought four customs on the table. The customs were much more impressive in person than they were in pictures. The workmanship and detail was great! I myself brought a bunch of SB hats and a couple pair of kix, nothing too crazy.


After checking out all the tables, and putting the final touches on our table, I attempted to sit down for a sec. I wasn’t ready though for what happened next…The doors opened.


Just as I was about to take my seat Stereo was filled to what seemed like capacity. In a second, literally, the entire lounge was swallowed by hundreds of hungry sneaker heads. The only way I can explain the scene is as follows. Picture yourself going for a lovely stroll in the park on a sunny day with not a thing in sight. Now imagine yourself continuing that stroll and then suddenly, and abruptly, getting thrown into a den filled with hungry lions…Get the picture? A tad extreme, maybe…


The place was crazy, not in a bad way by any means, but it was packed and people were buzzing around looking at everything, asking for prices, searching for sizes, trying to trade their own kix, etc. It was calm pandemonium. The crowd never let up throughout the day, the venue was consistently packed. The MC and the DJ kept the atmosphere festive by providing the musical and comedic backdrop necessary to keep the event from being a boring sneaker flea market filled with sneaker fiends.


This leads me into my ONLY gripe with this event, which is obvious, lack of space. Stereo is not an extremely small venue, but, it was not large enough to house all of the tables and all of the attendees. I am positive that no one really pictured that the event would be as thoroughly and consistently packed as it was, myself included.


The xChange, for me, was less about the physical sneaker product than it was about the event, the show. As any sneaker head in NYC can attest to, rare sneakers are available at many shops around the city (although there was a lot of heat you don’t get to see everyday) and because of this the NYC sneaker market is EXTREMELY jaded. With that being said, I personally took advantage of the fact that simultaneously and under one roof, many of the city’s powerful players in the sneaker market came together to celebrate sneaker culture (yes I know that there were PLENTY of people missing), not just at the tables mind you, but walking around and mingling in the crowd as well. I finally got to meet Calvan from the Jordan Heads Documentary (huge shout), as well as several other very cool and very important people. Besides meeting these VIPs, I was also able to meet and speak with many of my fellow sneaker heads, the sneaker community if you will. I finally got to speak with heads that I have spent time on lines with, I see in shops, and heads that I see just walking in the street with a fresh pair on. The fact that all of these people came together at the same time and at the same place, lead to the opportunity to build relationships and make connections. There is only so much you can do to get to know the sneaker community at impersonal camp outs and running around from shop to shop in Soho. I feel that if you came just looking for some sneakers, you missed the point.


But of course, as this is a sneaker blog, I am sure you want to hear about the kix. Well there were plenty there (understatement). Londons, Medicom 3s, Hulks, Wheat Highs, Kid Robot AM1s, Eminem IVs, PS AF1s, Commonwealth Pumps and Cowboy Dunk Lows (on the KATC table courtesy of my dog D), OG Jordan heat (though not as much as I would have liked to have seen), OG Nike Vintage heat, it was all there. One of the highlights of my night, in terms of sneaker shopping, was getting to compare the OG Cardinal VII’s with a sample of the soon to be released Retro. From what I could see, JB did a good job on this one.


Alas, at about 7:15 the pandemonium ended. At this point I was extremely tired from being on my feet all day and I was glad it was all over. We wrapped up our table and left Stereo as if nothing ever happened. Finally after months of preparation I could finally exhale and smile.


See you all next time, I am positive I will be there again!


When I first got to the venue the line outside looked like this



Within a few minutes, it looked like this



The Shady/Burn it Down table, that table cloth was charred by the end of the night



I wanted these Kid Robots with a passion, I knew though that I could not afford them



If you were looking for SBs, the table had them



The LRG table had some kix carelessly thrown about…



The table was buzzing all night. The OG Jordan heat and the T’s kept this table HOT



The SB Wear/ table came very stong. Their fits and kix were perfect for the show



This table has some really really fresh customs



Jason holding it down for Nostylgia, his full size runs and T’s consistently sold throughout the day



The fellas from Sneak Tip were putting the final touches on their table…



When this happened…



And still even later on in the day, the venue was wall to wall



Your grails could have been had for a cool G note



Fubz, The Sneaker Pimp, and Sean from MTV. Remember, relationships…



And of course this coverage is brought to you by….


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