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2K12 Clippers vs Celtics Gameplay Trailer

NBA 2K12 Clippers vs Celtics Gameplay Trailer

I CANT WAIT for this. I am a huge NBA 2K head and this looks great. I’ve noticed a bunch of changes/improvements in this trailer alone. The new sneakers look great too. You can see all the detail in Rondo’s Hyperfuse 2011s. DOPE!

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#TodaysKicks: adidas Forum Mid ASW 2009 Eastside Friends and Family

As I said yesterday, the adidas Forum Mid is one of my favorite sneakers of all-time and like my man @Aqua174 said on Twitter when I posted the Forums that I was wearing yesterday, people snooze on the Forum. So, I decided to rock a special pair of Forums today to show y’all how I get down. These Forums were made for the 2009 NBA All Star game and were given out to friends and family of adidas.  They feature a snake trim and White reflective leather. Dope.

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