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MaZe BLOG: Mitchell & Ness The Jordan Collection Vol II #435 of 1264

Mitchell & Ness The Jordan Collection Vol II

To commemorate Michael Jordan’s Hall of Fame induction, and no doubt the impression he made on Young MaZe’s life of course, Mitchell & Ness is set to drop The Jordan Collection Vol. II. A beautiful package of memories, the Jordan Collection Vol. II features 1,264 numbered Micheal Jordan jerseys, each jersey is a replica of MJ’s rookie jersey in his size #44, that link up to every game that MJ played. The jersey is housed in a Black wooden box that features a velvet lining and two plaques. The first plaque serves as a certificate of authenticity and the second plaque serves as a reminder of the game that the jersey links up to.

Mitchell & Ness was dope enough to send me over #435 out of the 1,264 which corresponds to MJs 435th overall game that came against the Heat in 1990. While my jersey is already enshrined in my glass case of heat, you can cop one on October 26th, the date that MJ first stepped onto an NBA floor to go to work, at The NBA Store on 5th Avenue,, the Mitchell & Ness store in Philly, and the Chicago Bulls team store. Retail is $375.

Peep more pics [HERE]

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MaZe BLOG: Art Show at SOLE FOOD

Art Show at SOLE FOOD

Over the weekend I hit SOLE FOOD, a sneaker store/art gallery spot in downtown NYC, to check out an art show that featured a couple of pieces done by my boy iZ. I first met iZ about 3 years ago when I used to chill at the 255 NIKEiD Studio. At that time he was a design consultant at the studio. We became closer friends about a year later when I wrote for jeffstaple and the Nike Recess Federation. I created a weekly “Sneaker of the Week” post and he won most of them. His vintage Nike Basketball heat killed it. Fast forward to now and iZ a head design consultant at Nike BeSpoke at 21 Mercer Street.

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MaZe BLOG: Nike Air Max 1 Dinner

A couple weeks back I got invited to a pretty exclusive gathering of people at 21 Mercer Street to celebrate the re-release of the Nike Air Max 1 and the release of the Nike Air Maxim 1. I didn’t have my camera on me which is terrible, but, [] posted some pics. Check them out. It was definitely a dope event. Nice, intimate, and familiar. I sat with the homies Wil Whitney from 21 Mercer, Mayor, CGF, and Vashtie. I dinned on what was EASILY the best roasted chicken that I have ever eaten that was cooked in the basement of a sneaker store. The ambiance was dope as well and it’s always good to chop it up with the fam. Shout out to the homey PR!

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MaZe BLOG: I’ve Finally Decided to Commit Myself

to keeping up with my own personal blog. Truth be told, I should have been doing this for years now. When we first redesigned the site from the original look (shout out to everyone that remembers KATC back then), there was a space for me to get busy with my own personal blog, but I never did. There are two reasons for that.

First, KATC is such a large part of my life that I felt that everyone ended up seeing a lot of what I do anyway. Second, I never really thought that my life was all that interesting. That’s not saying that I felt my life was wack and boring, because it isn’t. I basically just take it for granted. A lot of the places that I go, people that I call friends, things I do, etc. are just a part of my life.

From now on though, I will try my best to keep this updated with more personal looks at the things that I have going on, people I build with, things I do, sneakers I pickup, places I go, etc. I won’t bore you with crap. I will keep it focused.

First things first, even though this this late, if you haven’t seen it yet, peep my interviews with LeBron, Nate Robinson, JR Smith, Paul Pierce, Chris Bosh, etc. over at so you can see a little bit more of what I do outside of KATC.

Before I go, hit me on Twitter.


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Thank You

  As many have already noticed, KATC was relaunched last Friday with an entirely different look and feel. This relaunch is part of our commitment to continuing to provide our readers with high quality and in depth Sneaker/Lifestyle related information. Before I go into what’s new with the site, I would like to thank all of the Shops (big thanks to all of the local NYC shops that support KATC day in and day out), Brands, Advertisers, Websites (shout out to Slam!, the first blog to ever post about KATC over a year ago), and most importantly, each and every loyal KATC reader, KATC would not be where it is today without all of your support. Thank you. As I say all the time, “we do this so ya’ll don’t have to”. I hope that everyone enjoys reading KATC as much as we enjoy bringing it to everyone on a daily basis.   There are a lot of new features and sections on the new KATC. We have added a…

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