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KATC Video Feature: A Penny for Your Thoughts with jeffstaple

    There is no denying the profound effect that the recent boom in sneaker culture has had on the Culture itself, and, the businesses that it helps fuel. What was once considered a small and “underground” subculture, Sneaker Culture has grown exponentially within the past year, garnering attention from not only thousands of new sneaker enthusiasts, but also, the greater populous. Following in the footsteps of Hip-Hop, Sneaker Culture is in effect, crossing over.   In this KATC Video Feature: A Penny for Your Thoughts with jeffstaple, MaZe sits down with jeffstaple, a devout and passionate OG sneaker connoisseur and the founder of STAPLE Design and The Reed Space, as well as, an internationally recognized designer and consultant, to discuss his feelings regarding the recent boom in sneaker culture from the perspective of an OG, and, an international businessman.   To watch the video, click [HERE], or, click [LARGER VIDEO] in the WKATC Player module and click the player to watch a larger video.

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KATC Feature/A Penny: Spencer Fujimoto of NORT/Recon Drops Knowledge as an OG Skater

    Although many sneakerheads may recognize him as Spencer from NORT/Recon, or, merely that guy from NORT/Recon, there is much more to Spencer Fujimoto than meets the eye. One of the youngest Skaters to go pro nearly 20 years ago, Spencer Fujimoto has seen Skate go from its humble beginnings to its most recent large boom. An avid sneakerhead as well, Spencer sat down with KATC not only for a KATC Feature, but also, for A Penny as well. Continue reading to learn more about Spencer Fujimoto and his thoughts on how Skate companies can better reach and tailor to the Skate market.   Click Continue Reading for More  

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A Penny: Lori Lobenstine of Female Sneaker Fiend

    Lori Lobenstine and her sneaker community for women, [Female Sneaker Fiend], have become the voice for females within sneaker culture. Appropriately, for this installment of “A Penny”, KATC asks Lori:   “As major brands have finally recognized the power, importance, and influence of the sneaker connoisseur, what are your thoughts on their efforts, or lack there of, in recognizing the same in female sneaker connoisseurs? Do you think that brands are presently doing enough/bringing the right products to market to deserve the female dollar? What do you feel brands should be doing in order to properly satisfy the Female Sneaker Fiend?”     Continue reading for Lori’s reply  

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New Editorial Column on KATC: “A Penny For Your Thoughts”

  This afternoon KATC will introduce a new editorial column entitled “A Penny For Your Thoughts”. “A Penny” will feature the personal views of figures within sneaker culture on topics/questions posed to them by KATC. In continuing our mission to go beyond the sneaker PRODUCTS and into the sneaker CULTURE, “A Penny” will address various important sneaker culture related topics on a regular basis.   KATC encourages our reader to actively participate within “A Penny” through our commenting system. Your thoughts are just as important, as all of you are an integral part of the Culture as well. Please keep your comments expletive free.

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