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Though the month dedicated to celebrating Black History is officially over, Black History is made everyday, regardless of the month. Often times, we, as a media driven society, tend to evaluate historical moments through the amount of coverage they receive, ignoring the fact that Black History is made day in and day out on a personal yet equally important scale.
Though his political views have drawn criticism from the younger Black generation, and many young Black entertainers, there is no denying the fact that Bill Cosby played a huge role in opening the doors that many of these same Black entertainers walk through today. As the first Black star of a dramatic television series, with 1960’s “I Spy”, Bill Cosby proved that not only could a Black actor hold his own on the then predominantly White television, he also proved that a Black actor could thrive, flourish, and exceed “expectations” despite the racial pressure brought on by his role on the show. Cosby went on to win three consecutive Emmy awards for “Outstanding Actor in a Dramatic Series” for his role in the ground-breaking series.
After first breaking the racial barrier for Black actors on TV with “I Spy”, Bill Cosby proceeded to dismantle that barrier, creating, among other shows, albums, and more, the seminal “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids”, and of course, “The Cosby Show” a show that remains in syndication, 15 years after it’s finale. After leaving show business, Bill Cosby turned to Black activism, urging the Black community to focus more on education and self respect rather than sports and fashion.
Understanding Bill Cosby’s role in creating Black History, DJ Clark Kent, on his own volition, presented Bill Cosby with a pair of “Black History Month” Nike Air Force 1s yesterday before Cosby went on to host the Jackie Robinson Foundation Gala at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC. Visibly in awe from the living legend that stood before him, DJCK gave Bill Cosby a gift that best represents his appreciation for Cosby’s hand in creating Black history, a pair of Air Force 1s dedicated to celebrating the History within which Cosby has his own chapter. Though the sneaker is a fashion item in itself (the sneaker was not and will not be made available for sale), the meaning behind DJCK’s gift is far more poignant than the leather and rubber used to create the sneaker; a younger Black entertainer presenting a gift to a Black entertainer whose contribution to Black Culture, especially to Black entertainers like DJ Clark Kent himself, is indelible. In DJ Clark Kent’s own words,

“Bill Cosby; Comedian, Actor, Philanthropist, Activist and so many more titles; IS Black History..
Each year the shoes are made to recognize Black History Month. Who better than OUR real heroes & history makers to receive them ?
Yes, its cool to get a pair if you love sneakers.. But nothing comes close to giving a pair to a man who changed the landscape of “BLACK” Entertainment.”

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