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We would first like to thank everyone that submitted entries to this contest. Thank you.
And Now for the Winners
The Winner of Week #1 Monday:

Winner: Ebe
1) Who designed the Air Force 1?
Answer: Bruce Kilgore
2) What are the names of debut albums from each of the artists featured on “Better Than I’ve Ever Been/Classic”?
Answer: Nas (Illmatic), Kanye West (College Dropout), Rakim (Paid in Full or The 18th Letter), KRS-One (Criminal Minded or The Return of the Boom Bap).
*Because we didn’t specify solo or in group, either debut albums were applicable for KRS and Rakim*
Winner of Week #1 Wednesday:

Winner: Celso M
1) Who designed the Air Force XXV?

Answer: Tracy Teague
2) Two of the artists featured on “Better Than I’ve Ever Been/Classic” represent NYC boroughs that engaged in one of the earliest lyrical battles in Hip-Hop history (one of the artists on the track actually participated in this battle). What are the two boroughs, and, name one song that was used (by either side) in this battle.


Boroughs: Queens (Queensbridge) and the Bronx (South Bronx).

Songs: “The Bridge is Over”, “South Bronx”, “Kill the Noise”
*Winners* Please email with your address ASAP so that we can send you your prize!
Week #2 of this contest starts back up on Monday. With your chance to win the final two pieces of vinyl!


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