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Whether a sneaker is loved or hated, scrapped, unscrapped, and scrapped again, it will eventually end up at FC at some point or another during its lifetime.


More after the jump.




No other Nike SB, since the advent of the Nike SB “Gucci”, another hated/loved/scrapped/unscrapped SB, has caused the type and number of mixed reactions as the Nike SB High “Mork and Mindy”. The “Mork and Mindy” was designed to honor Mork, the character played by noted Sneaker Connoisseur Robin Williams, from the hit show “Mork and Mindy”. The sneaker resembles the character’s suit, with its Red and Silver upper, and suspenders with it’s clear rainbow revealing sole, both pictured below.




The ultimate fate of this SB is still unknown although many believe, that like the show before it, it has been officially cancelled.


Cancelled or not, a sample size 9 recently popped up at FC. Enjoy!












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