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I was running around lower Manhattan with a camera on the verge of dying. I did manage to get some choice flix though…


After posting the now historic “Around Kix and the City: A Quick Trip to Flight Club” I said to myself, “Damn, if I don’t get myself one of those Fire Red V Airplane Tees from Flight Club NOW, they will be all gone by the time the Vs actually come out”. So…

I went to FC to make sure I got one. The airplane print is dope. Shout out to everyone at FC.

After hitting FC, I walked over to Recon to see if anyone was around (Shout out to Roscoe, Spencer, and Shawn). Alas, the shop was closed. Determined to get something out of my visit, I took some pictures of the very elaborate Nike Air Force 1 World Cup Display.

The Entire Set

Nike Air Force 1 “Brazil”

Nike Air Force 1 “USA”

Nike Air Force 1 “Mexico”

Nike Air Force 1 “Holland”

Nike Air Force 1 “Portugal”

Nike Air Force 1 “Korea”

I am a fan of this display for three reasons, one of them being very obvious: the kix. Second, I am a sucker for displays. Good displays, such as the one above, show care, effort, and pride. This display shows that Nike took the extra step to show off their new product and their overall World Cup marketing initiative, kudos. Third, and most importantly, I love Soccer. I don’t play it mind you, but, I love watching it and I love the passion involved with the sport. Soccer gets ZERO love here in the states. If anyone can bring widespread love for Soccer to the US, its Nike. Look at what they did with Skate Boarding (for better or worse I know)

After taking these pics I walked over to the Classic Car Club to catch the Mass Appeal party for “INSA’s Grafitti Fetish”. The place was pretty packed the entire night, an open bar will do that, and the vibe was great. INSA’s work was on display throughout the venue and the man has some serious skills. Unfortunately, there were only two INSA customs on display. Fortunately though, they were both bonkers….

While at the party I ran into my dude Scott from Mike 23. He was rocking the, soon to be released, New Era x Mike 23 Crackle 59/50. Hot Fire!

Scott also had these two Tees on him,

which I gladly took off of his hands. The “Monojam” T (pictured right) is easily my favorite T right now…

Shout out to everyone that held it down with me last night including Chaz O’Fubzigan, A.S., Will P., Sammy “OMG he wears Shaqs to Ball in”, and anyone else I may have forgotten.


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