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As I have mentioned before, I always make it a point to stop by Flight Club during my sneaker expeditions. Although I don’t always buy something there, ten times out of ten, there is something in the shop that I WISH I could buy. This trip was no exception….


If Flight Club‘s amazing three walls of rare kix isn’t enough to whet your appetite, the shop also has display case on hand that houses the rarest of the rare and most impressive kix in their inventory. It is normal for people to pass by the case and freeze in their tracks, mouths dropped to the floor in utter shock. Even though I visit FC several times a week to chop it up with the fellas, I am still impressed each time I go in.
As I checked out the display case this time around, these beauties caught my eye….



Yes these are Sony Playstation x Nike Air Force 1s, BUT, these are not your “regular” (if there is such a thing) Playstations. These tantalizing kix are full grain leather, as opposed to patent leather, PROMO SAMPLE Playstations. If you look closer you can see why these were not released.


PS Side
The Sony Playstation Logo on this sample pair is incomplete, making this pair, and pairs like it, even more rare than the actual released Playstaions…
Here is a bonus shot.



In addition to Playstation Air Force 1s, FC’s display case also held these….



Nike Air Force 1 “Blueprints” created for one of the best Hip-Hop MCs of all time, Jay-Z.
These Air Force 1s feature the Rocafella logo on the heel, and of course, an icy see through sole.




Not your average Air Force 1, not your average MC….
These next pics bring about an unexplainable feeling of nostalgia.



Deadstock OG Air Jordan VIII “Aquas”. I remember when I had these, I was unstoppable on the street and on the court. If you had these yourself, you know what I am talking about…



As fresh as the day they were made. A thing of beauty.

Shout out to EVERYONE down at FC.


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