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I had to dump the SK for the real camera on this one and I also had to put on my non-flammable suit…


As I mentioned in my NRF article, you never know who you might meet playing basketball in the league. As I was shooting the pix of the kix that players were wearing for this site, I came across the Ice Blue ALL Suede Jordan XIVs pictured in my article. After I picked my jaw up off the floor and wiped the drool off the court, I had to find out to whom these sneakers belonged. The kix belonged to none other than Big Smiley, the fashion editor for top magazine XXL. It was crazy to put a face to the section of the magazine that I have long been a fan of. We chopped it up for a bit, and noticing my passion for kix, he invited me to come shoot the heat in their office.

Once at the office I also had the pleasure of meeting Smiley’s partner, Coffey (go for two next time dog!), another NRF vet. These two make for pretty powerful kix heads, Smiley is lucky enough to wear a Sample Size 9 (meaning he gets to actually rock the kix that we only get to stare at on websites) and Coffey wears a Player Edition Size 12 (meaning he gets to rock the kix that we only get to stare at on the basketball court). It was a pleasure chopping it up with both of them and I thank them for letting me come through and do my thing.

Put on your sunglasses….

Wide shot of the office

The Gatekeepers of the Heat, The Fashion Editing Team of XXL Magazine, Coffey (Left) and Big Smiley (Right)

2006 Air Force 1 “Easters”

2006 Air Max 180 “Easters”

A Crazy Easter Basket

Air Force 1 “St. Patty’s”

Air Force 1 “Sheeds”

Air Force 1 “World Cup: Korea”

Air Force 1 “World Cup: Mexico”

Air Jordan All Black XXIs

Do I really need to tell you what these are? Air Jordan Retro VII “Cardinals”



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