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The first time in my life that I have come back from Canal
Street with something better than Gold….


As many of you have already read all over the internet, the Adidas Adicolor
series launched internationally last Saturday, March 18th. As part of
this global launch, Adidas created an underground (literally) showroom, on Canal Street in
NYC. This showroom strives to capture the essence of underground sneaker
culture and serve as both an experience and a display of the entire Adicolor
Artist Series.

Now I must admit, I was initially drawn to this underground showroom more for
its marketing savvy, than its actual purpose. I consider myself to be
very keen, and cynical really, when it comes to “out of the box
“marketing initiatives, especially those that take place in my city and
are targeted at consumers like myself and the larger culture that I am a part of.
According to the stringent, and often impossible, guidelines I place on
marketing initiatives such as these, most initiatives tend to fall horribly short
of their intended goal. The general downfall
of these types of initiatives comes from their lack of one MAJOR component,
authenticity. Lifestyle marketing (as
this initiative can be categorized) seems to always play off of a culture or a
consumer group, rather than embrace, understand, and engage one. And now for another shocking admission…I am

The Adidas Chinatown showroom is cleverly hidden from the
general public. If you are not purposely
looking for it, you will not find it, and it will not find you. The showroom is not for people shopping for
fake Louis Vuiton and Gucci bags on Canal Street, the showroom is meant to be
discovered by those who CARE enough to find it, namely, people like us…This to
me, is the first part of the genius behind the showroom. The showroom is not some all in
your face “come and buy our stuff now!” store, as a matter of fact, you can’t
buy anything in there anyway. The
showroom is meant as a point of discovery for the Adidas Adicolor Artist
line. The only way to get to this
showroom is to walk up and down Canal
Street looking for the men dressed in all Adidas
clothing, the second part of genius behind the showroom. As many New Yorkers will testify, or at least
I will, most of ones time (ok well my time) on Canal Street is spent walking up
and down the street, going from store to store, looking for the best deal on a
14K chain (its an art form really, as I have been told by the OGs before me
“Never pay the Sucker price on the tag”).
Once I found the men in the Adidas clothing, I asked about the showroom,
and I received the authentic silent nod as if I was about to be put on to the
AUTHENTIC Rolex’s downstairs. Now here
folks, is THE BEST PART OF THIS ENTIRE EXPERIENCE (well until I got to see the
merchandise of course). This Adidas clad man lead me right through the spot
where I buy all my jewelry from!!! And I mean all of it, the jewelry that I
myself wear and jewelry that I buy as gifts! I was buggin son! I was like what
the hell is going on here! Plus this guy was nodding and talking to the people
that I buy my jewelry from! It was CRAZY! How authentic is that, this dude is
from Canal! Thumbs up Adidas, you got me…

Once I got to the showroom I was greeted by Rock Steady
Crew’s own Fever One (big shout out to him for letting me do my thing). Yes,
Adidas even went as far as to use a real New Yorker! Trust me this is not
obvious to many brands. I had come to
expect these quasi-authentic experiences where I was destined to meet someone
with their haughty British accent. Fever
was dope. He was informative, inviting, and most of all, chill. He encouraged me to take pics, walk around,
and he even gave me a brew! Now what exactly did I see when I walked around
enjoying my fine Tiger barley and hops….Yes, yes, I know you all really came
here for this part anyway…ENJOY!!!

The hallway leading to the underground showroom

The Doorway (is the anticipation building?)

At last, the showroom

A look to the left

A look to the right

And now the KIX!

Betty Boop Red Series Adicolor Low

White Series Adicolor High. The artist behind this sneaker flipped the breif on Adidas, he left the kix blank. The stiching is lasered in and the laces carry the disclaimer found on the brief! Very dope…

Very hot design and color combo!

Adicolor Pink Series High, sure to be a hit with the Female Sneaker Fiends

Who else would you want on your Green Series Low?

I know I will see a couple with the girl rocking these and the guy rocking the Kermits…I know it!

This Adicolor low is designed with an all over Eye print!

This sneaker is all Velcro and the “buttons” on them are moveable and replaceable

My vote for the best in series, The Surface to Air Red Series High!

Dave’s Quality Sneakers

The International (Mr. Happy) Face of Yellow

Adicolor Low Designed by ETS

Colette Adicolor Low, Simple, Effective, another favorite of mine!

Hot use of Dark and light tones on this Adicolor Low

Twist designed Brown with Gold Pinstripes, Heel tab reads “Ray”

This Adicolor low feature interchangeable Tongues that once fastened, will not come out easily with the movement of your foot

Darkhorse Comics desgined Adicolor Low

A dazzling green series low

Another dope Pink Series low

Blue Series High designed by the former head designer at Def Jam Records!

Yellow Series low that features an upper made of complex patchwork

Matching jacket to the “Def Jam” Highs featuring Mike D.

KR designed Adicolor High


The entire Collection

Brooklyn Black Series Low

The BX!

Welcome to New York City


The Queens low, a must have for me. The entire City series features a clear sole with a city print beneath

PHEW! Thanks again to Fever One and Adidas for an experience worth such a large post!!!


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