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The hands down most popular post on Kix and the City is back from a brief hiatus. This one is short, but very sweet.


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I have a route that I follow each and every time I go downtown. This route always starts with Flight Club for three reasons. First, it is the northern most store in the area. Second, I always have to say what up to my boys Grandpa Joe and Rome. Third and most importantly, FC NEVER DISAPPOINTS! This trip was no exception.

As soon as I walked in Grandpa Joe had some new heat to show off.


Grandpa Joe flossin with his newest imports, flavor Cocoa AF1s


Right after I took this pic I walked over to perhaps the most famous display of kix in the world, but, there was something different this time….



A sample of the soon (but not soon enough) to be released Fire Red Retro Vs


My mouth dropped and I needed a better look…






I will save you from all of the “What do I wear with my Fire Red Vs” posts…




If the Fire Red V samples aren’t enough…

FC also had a pair of Black/Red XXI samples on hand….



The Black/Red XXI High has been scrapped in favor of the Black/Red XXI Low…





That ends this round of “sole searching”.


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