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Yesterday Chris and Jeff from Flight Club NYC and I took a quick trip over to the Nike ID Studio.  Jeff and I were on hand to provide Chris with moral support and design consultancy as he designed his AF1 Low, yes he has VIP status.  As I was taking pics inside the studio, I was told to put the camera away, which I did.  Unfortunately even though I was able to score some pics of the studio, I won’t post them here because I don’t want anyone to loose their job.

Jeff and I sat there as Chris went through what seemed like an endless amount of possible designs.  He could not decide on ONE for the life of him, and I don’t blame him.  The material options, colors, sole options, etc.  are overwhelming.  Imagine being given a blank Air Force 1 and being told, “Go Ahead”.  Chris finally came up with three designs that he will EVENTUALLY choose from.  If you want to take a look at them, check out ISS.

As I walked around the Studio, which had just been redone for Nike’s Joga Bonita campaign, I noticed that Chicago Bulls’ and NY’s own Ben Gordon was sitting at a design station designing some AF1 Lows as well (shout out to Ben).  When he took a break from designing we chopped it up for a bit and I had to ask him why he always kills the Knicks…

Ben was dope enough to let me show my reader three of the designs that he came up with at the studio.  So even though I couldn’t bring everyone some shots of the studio, I am able to bring you these…..

Ben Gordon’s designs, don’t bite.

Shout out to Chris, Jeff, Ben and Nike ID


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