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KATC traveled to NORT/Recon [MAP] this past Saturday for the release of the Nike+ Moire “Tier Zero” Package. In addition to seeing the Nike+ Moire “Tier-Zero” and the Nike+iPod Sport Kit, a Nike representative, or an “EKIN”, was on hand to provide us with an in depth tutorial on the seamless integration between the Nike+ line of sneakers, the iPod Nano, and


Continue reading for pix, as well as, an overview of the Nike+ System.




There is much more to the Nike+ system than one would initially expect from looking at a Nike+ sneaker, in this case the Nike+ Moire “Tier-Zero”, and the small Nike+iPod Sport Kit. The seamless integration between the sneaker, the Nike+iPod receiver, the Nike+ heel insert, and opens up a very robust and powerful package for not only the devout runner, but also, the casual walker.


Once the Nike+iPod receiver is plugged into the Nano, the Nike+ software is automatically uploaded into the iPod’s interface. Once on the Nano, the Nike+ software offers the user a large number of customizable options including desired length of run, desired run duration, desired caloric burn goal, desired split time, a “Power Song”, and much more. The “Power Song” is Nike’s name for the song that one would listen to when that extra push is needed, i.e. “The Eye of the Tiger”. All of this is accessible through the Nano’s touch wheel and center button.


Once the Nike+ software is loaded into the Nano and the heel insert is placed into the shoe, the Nano automatically syncs and uploads all running/walking activity, wirelessly, from the pressure placed upon the heel insert. In addition to the Nano’s on-screen readout, there is audio output as well. By pressing the center button, one can hear the duration of their run, present caloric burn, length of run, split time, etc. All of this though, is only half of the Nike+ experience.


The Nike+ software automatically syncs with iTunes when the Nano is plugged into a computer. A Nike+ option appears within the iTunes interface that once clicked, sends the user to When logged into, the user is presented with a visual display of their individual and collection of runs. features graphs, charts, extensive exercise logs, and more.


Nike is set to release a number of Nike+ ready sneakers including the Moire, the Air Max 180+, the Air Max 90+, and the Shox +. The Nike Moire is a very lightweight running sneaker designed to provide runners with ample traction and comfort. The Nike Moire “Tier-Zero” is available now at Recon/NORT, as well as, Tier-Zero accounts around the country. The Nike Moire “Tier-Zero” comes in black or grey with a speckled grey midsole.
















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