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Not since the Air Jordan Thunder and Lightning Bundle, which was actually only two months ago, has a Jordan Brand sneaker brought with it such a larger number of passionate mixed reactions as the upcoming Jordan Brand Spiz’ike. A tribute to Michael Jordan and Spike Lee’s historic relationship, the Spiz’ike has become the most recent addition to a long history of love it or hate it kix.

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Unbeknownst to many, the Jordan Spiz’ike was actually uncovered a long while ago in a candid photo of MJ during an interview. MJ surrounded by many of his upcoming kix, was sitting right next to what was then believed to be the “Dub Zero 2″. Only until very recently has the full picture and meaning behind what we now know as the Jordan Spiz’ike, come to light.

In celebration of their historic relationship, Jordan Brand and Spike Lee have come together to design the Jordan Brand Spiz’ike, a combination of the Jordan III, IV, V, VI, and XX. A relationship that began in the late 80’s through Nike’s agency Widen + Kennedy, Spike’s character, Mars Blackmon, and Michael Jordan became the defacto faces of the then emerging Jordan legacy. A key ingredient in helping to mold the image of the then young Jordan line, Spike Lee contributed to each sneaker represented through the Spiz’ike including his most recent return to the brand last year with the Air Jordan XX.

The designers behind the Jordan Spiz’ike took the most discernable characteristics of the Jordan III, IV, V, VI, and XX and combined them onto one upper. The Air Jordan III is represented through the cement print and sole of the sneaker, the wings of the Jordan IV are placed at the ankles of the sneaker, the netting, ankle, lacelock, and the overall shape of the sneaker are taken from the Jordan V, the Jordan VI is represented through its classic tongue, and the lasering on the Jordan XX makes another apperance on the sockliner of the Spiz’ike. In addition to the obvious Jordan design characteristics, Spike Lee’s Mars Blackmon character and his “40 Acres and a Mule” logo are placed on the back of the kix. Limited to 4,032 numbered pairs, the Jordan Spiz’ike is officially set to release, this Saturday Oct. 21st at Jordan Brand Quickstrike accounts.


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