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Ok…. after much HARD fuckin work… my redesign of the store AFFICIAL in Philly is 95% done. Still gotta sew up some odds and ends before the opening on Sat May 5th @ 1pm. It’s been a long project with a ton of hard work… but worth it. Come check me Sat if you are in Philly. I’ll be headed back home to NYC on Sunday.
Below are are the shop drawings… concept.. and clothing designs for this project with the Afficial crew. For those that dont know…. this idea is like all my ideas…. they come from experiences I had in Philly mixed with the need to do some different creative thinking. I used to run a skate shop in the 80’s. We used to go skate an empty public pool in a neighborhood that we were not welcomed in. Its was wild. The people involved with Afficial were a part of that time, on both sides of the drama. So this store design (swimming pool) celebrates and agitates those memories. Plus its just fly to feel like you are inside an empty swimming pool to buy some quality goods.
AFFICIAL New Design Concept Drawing by ARI
hope you like the clothing items…. especially the bathrobe. But there are only a few of those to go around.

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