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As promised, Kix and the City traveled to the Adidas store in Soho to cover the Adidas Adicolor White Series launch starring NYC artist KR.

First introduced in 1983 (when I was a wee youngin), the
Adidas Adicolor made its global return on Saturday, March 18th, through several
key launch events around the world. The NYC event was held at the
Adidas store on Wooster Street
in Soho. Through experience, I have come
to realize that perhaps the greatest asset that the Adidas store in Soho possesses, besides the brand name and product of
course, is the versatility of its physical space. The store is really in effect, a large square
loft type space with a huge ceiling and wide base. I have seen the store transformed into a fashion
show space, a music video space, an art gallery space, etc. So when I heard
that the Adicolor line was debuting there, I was expecting, as always, the
transformation from store to experience.

As I approached the store I was immediately greeted by the
large Adicolor wrap on the outside window of the store. I say that the wrap was large because the
window itself is large as, the window basically covers the entire store
front. Once inside the store was like
Adicolor-palooza. A HUGE Adicolor light
fixture whirled over everyone (see pic below) as it displayed the Adicolor
color palette in bright neon lights. The
entire space was adorned with Adicolor products as well as the star of the
show’s, NYC artist KR, artwork, sneaker custom work, and “sculptures”. As with all Adidas Soho events, everything
was so perfectly placed in a museum/exhibition type manner that you almost felt
hesitant to purchase or touch anything, everything looked to be in its perfect
position, and when touched, you thought that the whole place might fall apart
and leaving one severely embarrassed (ok I exaggerated on this one but you get
the point). The walls of the store
served as displays for the various pieces of the Adicolor line including, the
White Series sneakers, the White Series clothing (jackets, hats, tees, etc) and
of course the KR designed extremely limited run of White Series Highs and
Lows. The floor fixtures also served as
displays, displaying again the White Series sneakers and clothing, but also
KR’s hand made Krink ink product, KR’s mailbox sculptures, and other Adidas
product (non-Adicolor related product).
KR’s customed designed White Series sneakers came in two iterations,
Highs and Lows. The Highs cost $300 while the Lows cost $250. The sneakers were designed in true KR fashion
with various colors of dripping paint falling along the sides of the sneaker. Once purchased, the customer could (and of
course did) go to meet KR to have there sneakers, box, clothing etc. tagged by
the man himself. While I was there, at
least 5 people took advantage of this opportunity. Considering the amount of KR customs that
were available, this is a pretty large amount.
Most notable, from my mental notes at least, were the Adicolor Jackets
and the Adicolor boxed set. The Adicolor
Jacket features a print of different colored markers throughout the jacket’s
front and back. At $300 the jacket was a
little pricey for my South
Beach dieting pockets,
but if I had the green, I would have picked it up. The Adicolor boxed set comes in a large heavy
wooden box. Inside the box are a pair of
sneakers, a set of high quality Adicolor paints, paintbrushes, and a tee
shirt. This elaborate boxed set allows
the consumer to express their inner artist, and design their own Adicolor

Now I must express something that peeved me while at the
event. After taking several pics within
the store I was approached by an Adidas employee and was told that picture
taking was not allowed within the store that day. Now I was peeved for several reasons the
first being obvious, there were at least 20 other non-Adidas people taking
pictures within the store and I am sure there was really no stopping
anyone. But most importantly, I was
peeved because I felt that Adidas should have been so proud of this accomplishment
that they would have encouraged, or at least not attempted to prevent, people
to take pictures of this visual spectacle.
At the very least wouldn’t they want to be featured on high quality
sites such as Kix and the City? C’mon of course they would! PICTURES FOR

The large Adicolor Wrap/Window outside of the store

The whirling Adicolor light fixture mentioned above (Note: If someone from Adidas is reading this PLEASE do not throw this out or put it on eBay. I NEED this thing for my crib!)

Several White Series Adicolor Kix, including the NYC Edition

Adicolor Jacket

No ensemble would be complete sans a matching hat.

The elaborate wooden boxed set

Fresh KR Customs

Designed using KR’s own hand made ink, Krink

KR tagging a customer’s book

All smiles at the Adidas store in Soho, KR and a happy Adicolor fan

(Shout out to KR for doing his thing and to Adidas for putting on a good event)


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