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Lori Lobenstine and her sneaker community for women, [Female Sneaker Fiend], have become the voice for females within sneaker culture. Appropriately, for this installment of “A Penny”, KATC asks Lori:


As major brands have finally recognized the power, importance, and influence of the sneaker connoisseur, what are your thoughts on their efforts, or lack there of, in recognizing the same in female sneaker connoisseurs? Do you think that brands are presently doing enough/bringing the right products to market to deserve the female dollar? What do you feel brands should be doing in order to properly satisfy the Female Sneaker Fiend?


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collection 9-17-06 008.jpg

A Piece of Lori’s Collection


Talk to any hard core female sneaker fiend, and you’ll be lucky if she has even two pairs of women’s sneaks. I’m serious. Well, think about the most sought after kicks: the artist collabos, the clerk packs, the Tier 0’s in general…virtually all of the top stuff is targeted at men. Now, us female sneaker heads are pretty immune to this; if it’s hot, we don’t care who it’s “for”. The problem is not that it’s called “men’s”, but that it often starts at a men’s 7 or 8. So many of the most serious collectors I’ve met from [] are left out…even when they’re willing to hunt the globe or drop their rent for the latest heat. Imagine having a size 4 foot and trying to wear 8s! So they’re stuck searching for whatever comes out in “youth” sizes, and you know those [new polka-dots] are NOT going to be coming out for the shorties!




That said, what do I think sneaker companies should do? Well, there’s a couple possibilities here. For one, companies can start creating sick women’s kicks that are worthy of the real female sneakerheads, and this is beginning to happen to some degree (Nike’s Minmi Court Force collaboration is a good example here.)  I think this sends an important message of respect and awareness that we females are out here doing our own thing…seriously.  My vision is to create a sneaker company that makes women’s sneaks that are so hot, all the serious male collectors know their size in women’s!


On the other hand, the route that I actually like better is for sneaker companies to just make the hottest of the hot available to all of us. Why gender it? Most kicks are so crazy right now, it’s not like folks are sticking to blue for boys. Why stick to pink for girls? Just bring us your best shot, and make it in smaller sizes too. Maybe the guys are just scared to have more competition for their kicks…you just might see some girls busting heads to get to the front of that line!




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