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23 501 Air Jordan Retro 1 x Levis Denim Package

The biggest question for those looking into the 23/501 Levis’ x Air Jordan Collection has been the sizing. It was rumored at one point that the consumer would be able to select their size to create the perfect package, this is not the case. Each Levi’s x Air Jordan Package comes boxed with the sizes predetermined. There are though, several options for select foot sizes.
Read on for the size chart

Foot Size: 8 Jeans Size : 32×32 or 34×32 T-Shirt Size: L
Foot Size: 9 Jeans Size: 34×34 or 36×32 T-Shirt Size: XL
Foot Size: 10 Jeans Size: 36×34 or 38×32 or 40×32 T-Shirt Size: XXL
Foot Size: 11 Jeans Size: 38×32 or 40×34 T-Shirt Size: XXL
Foot Size: 12 Jeans Size: 38×34 or 40×32 T-Shirt Size: XXXL
Foot Size: 13 Jeans Size: 40×34 T-Shirt Size: XXXL
There are two package options for sizes 8, 9, 11, and 12, three package options for size 10, and one package option for size 13.


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